Here at Oviedo Glass, we perform numerous services. Below is a list of the most popular services we offer. In addition to what is listed, we also offer custom jobs so if you are looking for something unique, we would be happy to help make your idea a reality.


Oviedo Glass offers to their business clientele, conference table tops, mirrored walls, and custom/standard doors and windows. We have worked with barbershops, dance studios, churches, and many other businesses in the community. 


When glass breaks, Oviedo Glass makes it their priority to come out to your residence or business to repair the glass in a timely manner. We understand the importance of glass repair services, damaged or broken glass is a hazard to our clients, occupants and the general public.


Oviedo Glass custom designs and installs numerous interior and exterior pieces for its residential clients. We install customized tub and shower enclosures, mirrors, table tops and doors and windows. Whatever your need, we are here for you! 


Custom Table Tops

Oviedo Glass specializes in custom designs and fabrications for all of your glass table top needs. We have many different tints, thicknesses and edge work to choose from. Custom pattern cutting is not an issue for our highly experienced staff.

Display Shelves

We offer shelving for your office space to display awards, family photos, or even brochures/reading material for your guests in the waiting room.


We offer mirrors for your office space, from smaller pieces to full mirrored walls.


Broken Door Inserts

Oviedo Glass offers a wide variety of ODL Door Inserts. If you have an insert that needs to be replaced, contact us and one of our installers will come out to your home and present you with all of your options.

Broken Mirrors

Have broken or damaged mirrors? Oviedo Glass can assist replacing them. We cater to any and all of your custom mirror needs.

Broken Window Glass

Oviedo Glass specializes in the repair of glass in windows. We can reglaze anything from standard sized windows to custom openings. Special orders are not an issue. We fix it all

Fogged/Failed IGUs

Oviedo Glass offers a service to replace your fogged, cracked, broken or failing Insulated Glass Units ( I.G.U. ).  All of our units are backed by a 10 year warranty. Whether your IGU has tinted glass, Low-E, or a custom size, our technicians will make sure your unit is just the way you need it.

Sliding Glass Doors

We can replace the glass in your sliding door as well. If we don’t have the correct size or tint you need in stock, we can order it for you.


Custom Table Tops


Oviedo Glass specializes in custom designs and fabrications for all of your glass table top needs. We have many different tints, thicknesses and edge work to choose from. Custom pattern cutting is not an issue for our highly experienced staff.

Custom Mirrors

Oviedo Glass can help you with those custom openings for vanity or countertop mirrors in the bathroom, open dry-wall nook areas, dressing areas, backsplashes in kitchens or work out rooms at home. Whether you are looking for beveled edges, bevel strips, or a flat mirror with machine polished edges, we will try our best to achieve the look you are going for.

Custom Windows


Oviedo Glass offers Custom Windows Systems vinyl windows. The glass will be insulated with three coats of LoE 366 and argon gas filled. The single hung windows come with automatic locks and a tilt-out feature for easy cleaning. These windows include a lifetime warranty on the frame and twenty-year warranty on the glass against sealant failure. With all of the patterns and shapes they offer, we’re sure to have what you’re looking for. Check out to see all the different options we carry.

Custom Doors

Oviedo Glass offers Therma Tru fiberglass doors for entryways and patio doors which include a lifetime warranty. With all the styles, stains, and custom sizing options they offer we are sure to have what you’re looking for. Check out to see all the different options we carry.

Door Inserts

ODL is our door insert brand that you can purchase in stock sizes complete with warranty if there ever was an issue. The warranty includes twenty years on the Insulated Glass Units (I.G.U) for fogging or discoloring and lifetime on the frames if there is ever any cracking or splitting.

Oviedo Glass has changed out numerous door inserts over the years. In most situations, the switch out takes about an hour. This quick fix adds a much-improved curb appeal. The decorative glass can increase the home’s perceived value by an average of 4-6%. Come to our showroom to see them up close, or check them out online.

Shower Enclosures

With all different types of glass patterns, thicknesses, and hardware options, Oviedo Glass will assist you in designing your enclosure. By going over all the details with you, we can ensure your shower enclosure fits your needs. If you are looking for some new ideas, give us a call. No job is too big or too small.

Frequently Asked Questions

Annealed vs Tempered

Annealed glass, also known as plate glass, is perfect for things like cabinet glass, windows, and some table tops. When annealed glass breaks, it cracks into large and small shards of glass that can severely cut someone. Tempered glass is the strengthening of annealed glass through a heating and cooling process. This causes the glass to become 3 to 5 times stronger than that of annealed glass. Tempered glass is known as safety glass because when it breaks it shatters into numerous small little pebbles. This type of safety glass is mandatory in things like shower enclosures, sliding glass doors, bathroom windows, entry doors, schools, etc.

Laminate Glass

Laminate glass is made from two thin sheets of annealed glass placed on top of each other with a vinyl film placed between the glass. If this glass were to break, it’s that piece of vinyl film that keeps the glass in place. This type of safety glass is generally used in car windshields, but can also be used in store fronts.

Enduro Shield

Oviedo Glass offers a factory applied protective coating called Enduro Shield, included with a 10 year limited warranty. This coating will help protect against those stubborn hard water stains and cut cleaning time by 90%.

Framed/Semi Framed

The framed and semi-framed enclosures are a more budget friendly option. Ideal for smaller areas, these enclosures tend to be a more “Water Tight” option.

Hydro Slide

Hydro Slide enclosures feature the latest European “all-glass” look. These units are designed for walk-in as well as tub enclosures. With both panels attached to the low profile header, only one of the panels would slide in-line with the stationary panel.

Hinged to Glass

If you need or would prefer the glass door to be hinged off another panel of glass, the stationary panel would need to be secured by three walls – the bottom, side wall, and ceiling. If we can not go the ceiling we can also offer a support bar that is mounted to a wall and slips over the glass or goes through the stationary panel the door hinges off of.

Clamps vs. U-channel

Clamps are able to bring that clean frameless look without metal. Stationary panels are notched out to allow the clamps to slip into the glass securely in place. U-channel is able to keep the traditional partially framed look while maintaining the convenience of a frameless shower.



The CR Laurence hardware we provide is preferred from installers and homeowners. This manufacturer is one of the largest in the world. All Hardware is under a three-warranty. Since it comes in a variety of different colors we can ensure the hardware will flow with the rest of your bathroom décor. Check out to see what we can offer for hardware and upgrades.

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